Tips & Tricks for Power Users:

We've heard quite a few folks ask us how can they automatically limit the event types, location and other filter parameters when they initially visit instead of selecting them each time. This is the guide we have created to help you to do these tasks and more using our built in URL parameters short cuts on our two most popular pages: the Front Page and Featured Events section.

If you have any questions or other URL parameters you would like see us add, please let us know at via e-mail: or through our Feedback Form.

General Tip & Tricks:

  • How to Limit Event Types
    For both areas, you can limit the Event Types by using our URL parameter ET with the appropriate Event Type codes.

    Here is our full list of avaialble Event Types and their respective codes:

    • Art & Theater Events: 7
    • Business Themed Events: 9
    • Charity Related Events: 10
    • Class or Workshop Events: 11
    • Drink Specials: 3
    • Family Friendly Events: 6
    • Food Specials: 2
    • Miscellaneous Events: 5
    • Music Events: 1
    • Speaking Related Events: 8
    • Sporting Events: 4
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Events: 12

    Show only the Music releated events:

    Show only Music and Family Friendly events:

  • How to Limit Locations
    For both areas, you can limit the Locations by using our URL parameter Loc with the appropriate City/Town codes.

    Here is our full list of avaialble Cities and Towns and their respective codes:
    Note: You can only limit by one city/town at a time.
    Not all cities and towns have active events all the time.

    • Abingdon, VA: 37
    • Allisonia, VA: 52
    • Bastian, VA: 56
    • Bedford, VA: 40
    • Belspring, VA: 57
    • Bent Mountain, VA: 45
    • Blacksburg, VA: 1
    • Bland, VA: 21
    • Bristol, VA: 38
    • Buena Vista, VA: 33
    • Catawba, VA: 28
    • Check, VA: 59
    • Chilhowie, VA: 53
    • Christiansburg, VA: 2
    • Clifton Forge, VA: 1060
    • Copper Hill, VA: 46
    • Draper, VA: 26
    • Dublin, VA: 3
    • Dugspur, VA: 34
    • Eggleston, VA: 4
    • Elliston, VA: 17
    • Fairlawn, VA: 23
    • Fincastle, VA: 48
    • Floyd, VA: 5
    • Fries, VA: 49
    • Galax, VA: 24
    • Giles, VA: 6
    • Glen Lyn, VA: 50
    • Hardy, VA: 42
    • Hillsville, VA: 41
    • Hiltons, VA: 39
    • Hiwassee, VA: 43
    • Hollins, VA: 60
    • Lexington, VA: 58
    • Marion, VA: 36
    • Max Meadows, VA: 20
    • McCoy, VA: 55
    • Meadows of Dan, VA: 30
    • Narrows, VA: 7
    • New Castle, VA: 18
    • New River Valley, VA: 54
    • Newbern, VA: 31
    • Newport, VA: 8
    • Pearisburg, VA: 9
    • Pembroke, VA: 25
    • Pilot, VA: 19
    • Pulaski, VA: 10
    • Radford, VA: 11
    • Rich Creek, VA: 51
    • Riner, VA: 12
    • Roanoke, VA: 13
    • Rocky Mount, VA: 35
    • Salem, VA: 14
    • Shawsville, VA: 15
    • Staffordsville, VA: 44
    • Stuart, VA: 22
    • Vinton, VA: 32
    • Willis, VA: 27
    • Woodlawn, VA: 47
    • Wytheville, VA: 16

    Show only Radford events:

  • How to Set the Start Date on Front Page or Only Show Events for Specific Date on Featured Events
    For both areas, you can set the Start Date by using our URL parameter StartDate with a date in the proper format.

    Dates must be in the format of MM/DD/YYYY for example 11/20/2012 in order to work correctly.

    Start the Front Page at December 1, 2012 instead of the current date:

    Only show Featured Events on November 15, 2012 on the Featured Events page:

  • Putting it All Together:
    And, best of all, you can combine all these URL parameters to really limit your view.

    Front Page Example:
    Only show Food and Music Events in Christiansburg:

    Featured Events Example:
    Only show Arts & Theatre Events in Christiansburg on 11/22/2012:

Tip & Tricks for Front Page:

There a couple of tips and tricks that only apply to the Front Page and here they are:
  • How to do Auto Searching
    If you want to start your view of the Front Page with a Search each day you can by using our URL parameter Search followed with your search term(s).
    Note: Some special characters such as the ampersand(&) may cause issues.

    Example for One Word Search:

    Example for Phrase Search:
    URL: Daily Bread

  • Sync Event with Google Calendar:
    The long way to do this is to click on an event, use our download option Download Event for Your Calendar to download the iCalendar (.ICS) format of the event to your device and then upload the new .ICS file within your Google calendar.

    The shorter way to do this is to:
    1. Find the Event ID
    2. Append the Event ID on the address: Event ID)
    3. Within Google Calendar, select "Other Calendars" option
    4. Select the "Add by URL" option
    5. Paste in the URL from Step 2 and the event will be added to your Google Calendar

    Example for Event ID of 189792:
    URL to Type & Paste in Google Calendar:

Tip & Tricks for Featured Events section:

There is one tip and trick that is only available on the Featured Events section.
  • Set the End Date for the a Range of Featured Events
    If you want to view a range of Featured Events you can set both the Start Date and End Date by using our URL parameters StartDate and EndDate
    Note: Dates must be in the format of MM/DD/YYYY for example 11/20/2012 in order to work correctly.

    Example for a Weekend Search of Friday, November 2nd - Sunday, November 4th: